Summer Shape Up Series: HIIT It Like a Boss

We’ve hit the 10 day mark of the Summer Shape Up Series! I can’t believe we’re already almost halfway through the challenge. I’m having so much fun getting to know all of you through your check-ins on Instagram and the Private Facebook Group. I feel like we’re starting a mini Life in Spandex community and I love it! It’s been a long-time dream of mine to help as many women as possible feel beautiful, strong, and confident in their own skin. Even though I’m just scratching the surface of this vision, it feels so good to know that I’m reaching any of you!

You may need to brace yourself for today’s workout… it’s going to be INSANE! In the best way possible ;). I’m talking heart pounding, body sculpting, calorie burning, post-workout hot mess glow, and you’re going to love it! My favorite type of workouts are the one’s where you can get in and out in 20 minutes or less and reap calorie-burning benefits all day long. This, my friends, is done most effectively with some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). We are going to take your heart rate sky high and then bring it back down for the duration of this workout. This creates an EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) which is responsible for that amazing “after-burn” affect I always talk about.

The best part? This workout requires ZERO equipment and can be done anywhere! If you’re in an upper-story apartment, just warn your neighbors about any jumping that may happen haha!

*Please note: if you have any injuries that don’t allow you to jump, just eliminate the jumping from the exercises.

Summer Shape Up Series HIIT workout

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Hi and welcome to Life in Spandex! I'm Emily, a personal trainer who believes there should be no secrets standing in your way to getting fit. I am sharing my knowledge here on this blog in order to help you reach your goals. Fitness should be fun, eating healthy should taste good, and feeling your absolute best is the ultimate goal. Let's get fit together!
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  3. Excellent routine! I’m definitely gonna need something similar once I get these twins out into the world LOL Right now? I would be a hot mess LOL

    1. Yes!!! Congrats Kristen!! 😀

  4. Half my struggle with working out is the time it takes to/from commute the gym and then actually work out. I love that I can do this at home and it doesn’t require any equipment. Guess I don’t have any more excuses now.

    1. Muhahahaha!!! My plan is working ;). Lol but in all seriousness, I’m so glad I could show you that working out doesn’t need to be a crazy time commitment and that you can get in shape even at home! Get on the bandwagon, girl, were calling for ya 😉

  5. Perfect for a backyard workout while with the kids! thanks!

    1. Oh I love that! You’re so welcome!!! 🙂

  6. Your setting is so tranquil! It must be an easy place to focus on a workout. I’ll be adding the total body blaster to my routine.

    1. You’re going to love it!

  7. I like your workout spot better than mine! I would love to be able to go down to the beach and do workouts.

    1. Me too haha. It’s not as normal of a thing as you may think 😉

  8. I’m amazed you’re doing this barefoot. I have to be careful jumping because I’ve pulled my hamstring doing jumping jacks.

    1. Oh definitely be careful!! Well the sand was really soft 🙂

  9. The boxing babe looks like a fun think I could just do when I’m standing in front of the tv lol Love it

  10. I did this workout today – 4 rounds of 30:10 intervals. Ladies, this is sweaty!!!! It was fun too 🙂 Thanks, Emily!

    -Fabi at

    1. Woohoo!!! Way to go lady!! That is so frickin awesome 🙂 show me your sweaty selfie on Instagram!

  11. HIITs are my favorite workouts! Max calorie burn for half the time! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Would be lovely to workout on the beach

    1. I wish I could more frequently! Unfortunately it’s usually only to take pictures haha

  13. OK Em, I’m gonna Hiit it today!! But without the jumping……you make it look almost fun, but I know better. haha. Wish me luck, daughter. Love you!!

    1. Get it mommy!!!! You don’t need luck ;). Love you more and miss you!

  14. Now that the weather is finally nice here in Toronto I’m getting more and more into working out outside – I’m so jealous you live close enough to a beach to get a workout like this in! Some great exercises here, I’m going to start adding those jumping jack squats into my workout routine!

    1. Outdoor workouts are the best!!! I live close to the beach but I don’t get to go as often as I’d like :/ plus it’s foggy a lot in Monterey, ca!! Most people don’t realize that.

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