Stress-Proof Yoga Stretch Routine

If you’re a busy #bossbabe (which I believe you are!), then you know how conquering the world can be overwhelming. From deadlines, mommy duties, fitness goals, to relationships, we can have a lot on our plate. If you’ve read this blog before, you know I refer to a phrase my dad taught me in high school, “Stress is optional.” Trust me when I say sometimes this is SO much easier to say than done.Stress-Free Stretch Yoga Routine

There are moments (admittedly frequent moments), where I feel totally in over my head. Don’t believe me? Ask my blessedly patient boyfriend and family (thanks mom and dad for always answering my calls lol)! There are a number of ways to cope with stress and anxiety. One of my favorites is through exercise. I haven’t found anything else more effective. Weight lifting, running, rowing, they all make a huge difference in my self-confidence. But there’s one form of exercise I haven’t touched much on Life in Spandex yet – Yoga.

Stress-Proof Yoga Stretch Routine

Yoga is another one of my favorite ways to center my mind, release my body, and rejuvenate. It takes heightened self-awareness and body-mind connection to perform Yoga. Connecting my breath to my body helps ground me and puts things in perspective. If you’re anything like me, it can be really difficult to get yourself into a Yoga class. Whether you feel intimidated, lack time, or don’t have the extra cash, I have a solution for you.

Stress-Free Stretch Yoga Routine

This Basic Stress-Proof Yoga Stretch Routine that can be done anywhere. All you need is a mat! I love to put on soothing music and light candles, too.

Stress-Free Stretch Yoga Routine

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Hi and welcome to Life in Spandex! I'm Emily, a personal trainer who believes there should be no secrets standing in your way to getting fit. I am sharing my knowledge here on this blog in order to help you reach your goals. Fitness should be fun, eating healthy should taste good, and feeling your absolute best is the ultimate goal. Let's get fit together!
  1. I just did this and it felt great! I used to do a lot of yoga when I was pregnant, but I’ve sort of put it on the back burner. I should start doing it again. I’ve noticed some stiffness in my back lately.

  2. Yoga is an awesome way to improve the overall physical performance, Emily. I regularly use it, especially after a workout for stretching. This routine is an ultimate way to do it!

    1. Go girl! Happy to hear you’re already using it to recover

  3. Thanks for sharing these poses!

    1. You’re very welcome! Let me know when you try the routine 🙂

  4. Love all of these poses – now to do them more often 🙂

    1. Haha my thoughts exactly!!!

  5. This is a great routine. Sometimes yoga needs to be destressing.

    1. Yes I think it always needs to be! One of my favorite parts of exercise in general

  6. Wow. great post. I love doing yoga and you have some stretches here I have never tried. Love it!

    1. Thanks girl!! Let me know how it goes

  7. Love this! What a great, calming routine. <3 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Karen! And you’re so welcome ?

  8. Stress is optional—I love that! I like your yoga routine because it doesn’t look…complicated. Yoga often stresses me out because I’m not very flexible and I have to think really hard about it, ha!

  9. So many great stretches! I need to do all of these more!

    1. You and me both! Let’s make a pact together hehe

  10. This is like 90% of my routine haha. I love it!

    1. Yyaaayyy!! Happy you like it lady ???

  11. This is perfect timing. I literally just started doing yoga again today!

    1. Woot woot! Let me know if you like this routine!

  12. I need to start my days off with this routine! <3!

    1. I love that idea!!! Let me know how it goes

  13. Loving your stress free yoga routine. So many great ways to relax. Thanks!

    1. Thank you lady!! I’m all about finding my om lately ?

  14. Always in need of some stress free exercises! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. You’re so welcome!! Hope it helps you find some ooommm 🙂

  15. Doing just a quick at home yoga does wonders for me too!

    1. Great minds think alike ??

  16. Perfect timing, I need this today! Missing my 2 barre classes to finish my challenge today, so upset and stressed but can’t do anything about it with this stomach bug (bad food). I can do some simple stretches to feel better though.

  17. I love the twists in yoga especially the seated twists. It helps me when my back is sore.

    1. Feel so good on the back for sure! Glad you like the routine?

  18. This looks so wonderful! I’ve been trying to get back into yoga again lately after a bit of a hiatus during triathlon season, so I look forward to trying this out a few times in the next month.

    1. Yoga is something I have a hard time keeping up with too! Being able to do it at home helps so much

  19. I’m ALWAYS looking for stretch routines. This is perfect!

    1. Yay! Happy I could help you out girl!

  20. This looks like such a relaxing yoga routine! I always hold all of my stress in my neck and back, and this looks like it would get rid of that.

    1. It definitely helps release tension! I hold my stress in my neck and shoulders too. This does the trick!

      1. These ones are my favourite! So good to realise stress!

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