Avoiding the “Girlfriend 15” – So You’re Comfortable

A good measure of your relationship status is your ability to talk about bowel movements. Yup, I just went there. Though, come to think of it, I think it took all of two dates for my boyfriend to indulge me with information about his bathroom needs :/ (it’s a good thing he’s adorable). On the other hand, I’ve only recently been somewhat comfortable enough to even admit that I needed to do anything but tinkle.

When you become comfortable enough in your relationship to admit that you don’t poop rose petals and sparkles, it can also translate into other parts of your life. Think about it. We chase after health, success, and wealth to ultimately attract a mate and reproduce. We are biologically wired to do anything and everything we can to continue growing our population – make money, be attractive, expand our knowledge, etc.

So, when our minds feel like we don’t need to keep searching for a mate, it’s easy to derail our single-girl goals – like taking care of our bodies and minds. There’s a few ways to effortlessly help you stay on track during the “So You’re Comfortable” phase of a relationship.

1. Remember that your health is about YOU.

This is a great time to take a good, hard look at why you take care of your body. Do you go to the gym, eat healthy, sleep enough, drink lots of water for you or to please someone else? If the only reason why you break a sweat is to look good for him, well then sista, we have a problem. Feeling sexy and confident in your skin is awesome. But getting regular exercise and eating nutrient-dense foods (and enough of them) has far more importance than having a nice booty or flat abs. These habits will prevent chronic pain, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, some cancers, sleep apnea, Type II diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. And if you’re still not convinced, feeling good on the inside will actually help you be a better partner! When you’re happy, your relationship is happy.

avoiding the girlfriend 15 - so you're committed

2. Spice it up

Your workouts, that is! Just like your relationship, your exercise routine can get in a rut. Keep things interesting by switching up your routine every four to six weeks. This can be anything from trying a new class, swapping your runs for indoor cycling, increasing the weight you’re lifting and decreasing your reps (or visa versa), or trying out some new exercises. Not sure where to start? There’s plenty of workouts to choose from here!

Avoiding the Girlfriend 15 - comfortable

3. Find new ways to celebrate.

Whether it’s birthday cake or a champagne toast, we often turn to food in times of celebration. That’s great! But, if we make this more of a habit than an exception, it can wreak havoc on our fitness goals. When you’re in a relationship, life can seem less adventurous at times. We get into a routine, a lull. We have a tendency to take the easy route to immediate gratification and a spike in those “feel good” hormones through food (and usually high fat, high sugar food). If stagnation is your problem, there’s plenty of other more exciting ways to celebrate life! You could go on a weekend get-a-way or find a new outdoor adventure like hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, or biking. You could go on a double, triple, heck, quadruple date to a local eatery with healthy options. Invite some friends over for a game night, indoor rock climbing, or go take a salsa dance class. Yes, there’s something precious about simple times sitting at home and ordering a pizza with your beau. But, eventually there’s diminishing returns when you don’t make an effort.

Avoiding the Girlfriend 15 - comfortable

4. Don’t hit snooze

On the relationship, or your alarm! Relationships take work (some more than others) and so does maintaining your health. A lot of people think they can reach a fitness goal and then back off in order to maintain. Sorry, but this isn’t the case. The discipline you acquired to reach your goal has to continue in order to maintain it. That’s why it’s so important to find a healthy routine you can enjoy! Need help! You can count on me, sista. I offer customized and affordable Nutrition Plans for anyone needing a little guidance :).
Give this post a Share, a Like, or a Comment! And tell me in the comment box below, have you ever become so comfortable in a relationship that it derailed your healthy routines? How have you made healthy choices while in a long, term committed relationship?

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  2. Great tips!

    I’ve never really actively prioritized health…I mean I do, just not in the ways that require routine because life is not routine. I balance my fruits, veggies, protein, calories, phytochemicals, and so on out of a subconscious habit. It’s like I have the internal calculator and my decisions just come natural based on the balance that I am seeking. My mother conditioned me that way I suppose.

    Being in a relationship has never disturbed my routine because it was never for my image or anyone else; it was for my heart disease. What may disturb my diet more is exhaustion..those times motherhood get to be too much and a drive thru to McD’s is not all the time but more frequent then you would like. But those phases tend to pass rather quickly. 😉

    1. This is great to hear! You should feel very lucky that healthy habits come naturally to you 🙂

  3. A really great advice list. I can’t imagine not working out and taking care of myself. It is my top priority to look after myself. Only then can I care for the people I love.

    1. Thank you, Jacqueline! A girl after my own heart 🙂

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