12 Days of Fitness Challenge – Day 11: Naughty or Nice List Interval Workout

The 12 Days of Fitness Challenge is almost over! I’ve had so much fun working out with you over the past 10 days. Have you? It sure seems like it! I’m so impressed with your hard work and dedication to the challenge. I can’t get over how awesome all of your check-ins have been.

Interval training is getting a lot of press for it’s fat-burning results. And, that’s because it works! Interval training is a series of “pushes” and active rests that take your heart rate up near its max and back down to equilibrium. This creates an EPOC, or an excess post-exercise oxygen consumption in your body. What you get is an amazing “after-burn” affect. Your metabolism will be on FIRE for hours after you’re done sweating. The perfect way to come to a close on your challenge!

Jump on a treadmill, elliptical, bike, whatever your favorite piece of cardio equipment is, or go outside and complete this quick yet effective 30-minute workout!

12 Days of Fitness - Day 11 - Naughty or Nice Interval Routine


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  2. I will be sharing this workout! Who doesn’t need a little kick in the butt during the infamous “cookie season” 🙂

    1. Thanks Cianna! I’m so glad you like it 🙂

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