My Sunday Meal Prep (Video)

Since getting my first full-time job, I honestly can’t remember the last time I didn’t meal prep for my work week. Seriously. I know that sounds crazy but it is so habitual for me, it would feel weird not to. Why did I create this habit? For one I’ve always been health conscious. After graduating from USC,  I knew I wouldn’t have the flexibility of cooking at home in the middle of the day. I also began to fully understand the value of a hard-earned dollar. I wasn’t going to throw money away at overpriced lunches when I could make just as satisfying meals from home.

Affordable and Quick Meal Prep Video featured

Aside from the calories, added sugars, and unhealthy fats that come with dining out too often,  you can save almost $3,000 a year by bringing your own lunch to work. And if you’re about to argue how “money is time,” then I’m so excited to show you how simply and quickly a meal prep on your day off can  be!

I promised you one Youtube video a month so you don’t have to take as much time out of your busy schedule to read the latest deets on I missed the ball in February because sometimes even I struggle to create new habits and get outside my comfort zone. But, I reminded myself that we all start somewhere and sucked up my pride. I’m sharing a video of my meal prep from last Sunday to show you exactly how I prepare the food I bring to work in under an hour!

Want to take a deeper dive into  planning meals specifically for your own goals, body type, schedule, and lifestyle? I break down exactly how to create a flexible meal plan to help you lose weight, tone up, feel energized, and regulate your hormones in the Life in Spandex Eat Guide. >>Learn more 

Do you meal prep? What are your best tips? Tell me in the comment box below.

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  1. I always packed my own meals when I worked outside the home. I often made sure to have leftovers from dinner and keep a rotating menu idea of meal ideas to choose from. It makes me feel better to eat food I’ve prepared myself rather than buying meals out and you’re right; the savings is significant. Pinned.

    1. I love your idea to use dinner leftovers for meal prep. So efficient 🙂

  2. Great Meal Prep and Video! Hope you are having a great weekend and thanks so much for sharing your great post with us at Full Plate Thursday!
    Miz Helen

  3. Thank you for sharing this really helpful post with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party, Emily! Great video, full of good, practical ideas for tasty, healthy meals.

    1. Thank you so much April! Happy you enjoyed it xo

  4. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friday! Everything looks delicious!

    1. Thanks for hosting!!

  5. are you taking guests any time soon? Great prep! 🙂

    1. Any guests for what?? 🙂

  6. Can I come to yours for lunch please? #wonderfulwednesdays@_karendennis

    1. Haha yes of course Karen!! 😉

  7. Everything looks absolutely delicious – if I didn’t work from home, I’d meal prep for sure!

    1. You could still do it to be more efficient!

  8. Yummy! Love all of these meals <3

    1. thanks girl!! Hope you make them 🤗

  9. Meal prepping is such a great way to stay on track food wise. Great video too! So many helpful tips. Great job!

    1. Thanks Mikki! Don’t mind the shaky camera work lol

  10. I love meal prepping for the week! I just wish I made more time for it!! I ALWAYS plan a weekly menu though!!

    1. It takes me under an hour to do everything in this video. I don’t see why you couldn’t do the same?!! You got this girl

  11. I rarely meal prep except for carrots and peppers. It’d be easier if I did more… lol!

    1. Yes it would!! I dare you to try 😜

  12. You’re making me wish I loved meal prepping more!

    1. You could love it more! Just have me in the background for company and motivation?! 😜

  13. Meal prep is so helpful! I try to do a few grains and veggies each week so I am good to go

    1. Yes getting the basics prepped at least can make things sooo much easier

  14. Awesome vid love! Love doing Sunday meal prep

    1. Thanks girl! It’s seriously a life saver

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