Life in Spandex Has Been Branded – NEW LOGO Launch!

For the past few months I’ve been working on something very personal to me. It personifies my personality, conveys the Life in Spandex message, and (I hope!) creates a connection with women everywhere. Jeese, it’s hard to put all of those things into a tiny little…. LOGO!!! Yup, Life in Spandex has been officially branded!

Life in Spandex isn’t just about me or my passion for sharing health and fitness. Ultimately, it’s about you and the community you build here! I want my logo to bring cheer, motivation, inspiration, and, of course, a lot of fun to your life. It’s a symbol of your dedication to health, fitness, and, most of all, self-love and confidence. When you feel burnt out, it’s something that brings you strength. When you experience self-doubt, it reminds you of how beautiful and amazing you are. Whether you wear it on your shirt, put it on your bumper, or add it to your key chain (okay, I may be getting ahead of myself! haha), when you feel alone, it would remind you of the community of women who are here also fighting to be strong, passionate, and positive, supporting you along your fitness journey.

So, without further ado…. It’s time for the big reveal. Drum roll please!

Life in Spandex - LOGO


What do you think?! Tell me in the comment box below. 😀

Hi and welcome to Life in Spandex! I'm Emily, a personal trainer who believes there should be no secrets standing in your way to getting fit. I am sharing my knowledge here on this blog in order to help you reach your goals. Fitness should be fun, eating healthy should taste good, and feeling your absolute best is the ultimate goal. Let's get fit together!
  1. What a catchy name and I love the look of the logo. I’m new to your site but I can tell that there’s lots of inspiration on here. Can’t wait to explore more and pick up some healthy eating tips and recipes.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you love it 🙂 let me know if there’s any other content you’d like to see!

    1. Me too, Charlene! ? thank you!

  2. Love the logo!!! That chick on the “in” is SO you! 🙂

    1. Aw thank you so much Chrissa!!!

  3. Your new logo is perfect! I need a new logo for my blog, but I’m not sure about the design. Your new logo embodies all of what Life in Spandex is about!

    1. Wow thank you Cara! I’m blown away by your compliments! Let me know if you need a graphic designer!

  4. I love the logo. Perfect for your blog!

    1. Thank you so so much!!!

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