How to Make Time for Fitness When You Just Aren’t Motivated

Today I want to share a post from one of my favorite blogging buddies, Dia! Dia is a digital marketing specialist, lifestyle balance blogger, and a basketball, wine and zumba lover from San Antonio, Texas. She is seriously my go-to girl when I need blogging inspiration and advice. She’s one of those women who make you go, “How does she get it all done?!” I’m so excited to say she’s sharing her secrets on how she fits in workouts to her hectic schedule, even when she doesn’t feel motivated!

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We’ve all heard about how important it is to get moving. All the tips out there about how to get fit, be healthy, prevent cancer, reduce your risk of obesity related disease and all the other reasons it’s important to eat healthy and exercise.  But let’s be honest, while that should be enough to make you walk 10,000 steps a day and get a KALE sweatshirt it’s not always the case. For those of us that don’t wake up with the desire to run 5 miles before breakfast just cause we should, we tend to need more motivation and more inspiration.  We need incentive. I know that a lot of you may be thinking. Living a longer life and not feeling constantly like crap from sitting for 8 hours straight and eating a diet heavy in red meat and processed carbs should be incentive enough. But sometimes you want something a little more tangible and that’s okay.

Here are 5 ways to make fitness a priority when you have no motivation.

1. Reward Jar

You know that cashmere sweater you’ve been dying to buy but just can’t justify spending $200? This is your perfect incentive to buy it. Every time you go to the gym out a dollar in the jar and after 200 workouts, it’s yours! Chances are you might be able to get it in a smaller size.

2. Wine

A while back on my blog I hosted a small challenge. If you are a lover of wine this might help you. It’s simple. You can’t have wine unless you’ve worked out that day. This doesn’t mean you can spend 15 minutes on the treadmill and then go down a bottle of wine. A full workout equals a glass of wine. The funny thing about this for me was a lot of nights I’d have an amazing workout but I wouldn’t have the desire to drink anymore. I wanted to hydrate.  

3. Mix it up

When talking to my friends I discover the two biggest issues they have about working out is either the motivation to go or getting bored when they are there. Trying different types of classes is a great way to stay interested. I like to mix in a combo of strength training, zumba, piloxing and cardio.

4. Bet on it

If you are a competitive person this will work out great for you. Find a friend who also wants to get in the gym more or who might already be in a good habit and challenge each other to a competition. Whoever completes the most gym classes in a month wins and the loser has to pay your gym fee for a month.

5. Schedule it

I am a huge fan of planning and scheduling. The same way you would book a meeting or plan to hang out with a friend at a certain time, schedule your workouts the same way. Make a date in your calendar for fitness time and block that off. You keep appointments with others out of respect so wouldn’t you want to respect yourself and the appointments with you? Having a set schedule for things that are important to you is a great way to stay on track of your schedule. You are more likely to be productive if you to say, “From 1- 1:30 I will answer emails and then I will pay bill online from 1:30-2,” versus, “Today I want need to do some work.”  The same goes for fitness, work on creating custom game plans for you time at the gym. For example, “Today after work I will go to the gym do 20 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training focused on legs.”  Here is a great task crusher worksheet to help you plan the important goals of your workout or day.

Fitness should be an important part of everyone’s life. While it is easy to lose motivation, the benefits are well worth the work. What are some things you to stay motivated at the gym? Tell me in the comment box below! 

Don’t forget to check out Dia’s blog and follow her on social media  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.

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  2. […] How to Make Time for Fitness When You Just Aren’t Motivated […]

  3. Such great tips! I need to work on scheduling it in!

  4. You had me at wine… Great tips

  5. I love these ideas! Fantastic <3

  6. Thanks for sharing, Dia. I loved when you said, “The funny thing about this for me was a lot of nights I’d have an amazing workout but I wouldn’t have the desire to drink anymore.”

    1. Haha I totally get that, too, Paula! Those endorphins do the trick

  7. I’m also a huge fan of scheduling and planning. I love the idea of reward jar and mixing it sounds great too, it decreases the chances of getting bored.

    1. Having a back up plan is such a good idea!

  8. Scheduling it has always been my biggest Allie. Thanks for sharing

    1. You’re so welcome Rocio :). I’m a planner too!

  9. 200 workouts would take me a year at least 🙂 lol!

    Love the list!!

    1. I think you could get it done! Thanks xo

  10. These are great tips – I have a skinny fat built and would love to get fitter!

    1. Have you taken a look at all the free workouts here Natalie?!

  11. Having a goal keeps me motivated – whether that is a race, or a strength goal (like pullups) or setting new records in weights – something that I can work toward!

    1. Yes heather!! Creating goals – long and short term- is so helpful 🙂

  12. This is great I am going to try the reward jar.

  13. Scheduling works best for me, but I would love to try the idea of a reward jar.

    1. I’m a big scheduler too Erin!

  14. I like the idea of the “reward jar”. That is such a fun idea!

    1. Isn’t it?! Dia is the best 🙂

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  16. OK I so need to do this. I really don’t have an excuse but that I’m tired.

    1. I promise you that you’ll feel more energized after you’re done! Pinky swear

  17. The only way fitness gets done for me is if I plan it, like you said. I try to have it be the very first thing I do in the morning.

    1. Me too!! It’s the first thing I check off my list 🙂

    2. I wish I was like that. When I do have a morning workout it is normally amazing. The only mornings I tend to go are Saturday. I also like going after work, it helps me miss traffic and let go of any work day frustrations.

  18. Dia is a favorite of mine, Love the reward jar idea.

  19. I can tell you this. After being on work out restrictions because of surgery I can’t wait to go back. I like the rewards tip. My work does a reimbursement thing where if I go 100 times a year, Jan-Dec, I’ll get $100 or $150 reimbursed for paying the membership fee. That’s my motivation.

    1. We have a program like that with some companies at our gym too! I know that ancy feeling. Go get at it lady!

    2. That is amazing! Mine pays a portion if you go so many times a month. I hope you get back out there soon!

    1. Thank you Sharon! Which one would motivate you?

  20. Wine — LOL!! Well… I guess whatever works, right? For me, it’s scheduling. Scheduling is the #1 reason for my success this time around.

    1. Haha I know, right?! Yeessss scheduling is where’s it’s at! 😉

    2. I am a huge fan of that as well. If I schedule it I’m way more likely to stick to it.

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