7 Days to Love the Skin You’re In!

Warning: This post is a little lengthy. But, it’s because I feel so strongly about this topic! I promise you, reading this post in its entirety will be worth it. 🙂

It’s February! The month of LOVE! If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you already know I’m quite the sap for Valentine’s Day. Experiencing love, whether it be in a friendship, romantic relationship, job, hobby, or passion, is what makes life meaningful. So why is it that for decades, women have struggled to fall in love with themselves?? One obvious scapegoat is the media. We’re bombarded with messages that tell us everything we need to ‘fix’ about ourselves. A much harder culprit to accuse is ourselves. How many times have you woken up after an indulgent night, filled with guilt, and dragged yourself to the gym to burn the extra calories you consumed? How many times have you skipped a meal because you feel bad about the way you look? How many times have you turned down plans with your friends because you felt bloated or ugly? I know I’m guilty of all of them! Well, enough is enough!

I started Life in Spandex with one major goal, to help women look and FEEL their best through a balanced approach to nutrition and fitness. Because moving our bodies and eating healthy, tasty food to fit a certain jean size is not enough! When deciding how to fit health into your life, start with what makes you happy. Your fitness journey should be something that makes you more fulfilled, not starving and ashamed. No more of this punishment mentality! Until you’re ready to love your body, as it is now, it will be hard to come by change physically. It’s about time we stop scrutinizing our bodies and fall in love with our unique shapes instead.

7 Days to Love the Skin You're In

I totally get it. Loving yourself all the time is hard. I, too, can be my own worst critic. Some days I wake up and feel like I have all my sh*t together, and others, well, not so much. As a trainer and role model to many women, it’s hard for me to publicly admit that I have insecurities about my body. However, lately, I’ve been feeling like a total hypocrite! I felt so good about myself when I was preparing for photo shoots in the fall (lots of the lovely pictures you see around this site). I felt strong, lean, and, well, tan haha. I want you all to know that even though I prepared for these shoots in a healthy way, by no means do I look so glamorous all the time! If only I had my fabulous hair and makeup artist, Anne, with me 24/7 (you can find her on Instagram @glamnanne). I’m just like you! I deal with bloating and minor weight fluctuations (hello time of the month) all the time. And this is okay!

During the holidays and on my Hawaii vacation, I ate what made me happy in that moment. I ate lots of healthy food and stayed active, but also didn’t shy away from ordering dessert or drinks whenever the temptation arose. I knew I would gain weight. Eating dessert every day will do that to you. But, I felt like I was in a strong enough place to handle it on the other end. Well, not so much. January has been a struggle for me mentally. I’ve gotten back to my healthy eating regimen but I am still not feeling as svelt as I did in the fall. I’ve been battling the desire to restrict (especially last week leading up to a photo shoot I had Saturday – the photos you see in this post! Oh, and I did my own hair and makeup because, sadly, Anne has moved to LA! 🙁 ). But, I’ve stayed strong because I want to practice what I preach! I know that with time I will get back to my “happy weight place.” But I am going to be patient and loving to myself in the process. What’s the use of helping all of you if I don’t help myself first? Being a certain weight right now won’t make me a better trainer, blogger, role model, friend, girlfriend, daughter, or anything in between.

7 Days to Love the Skin You're In

Just because your jeans fit tighter or you have less ab definition, doesn’t mean you’re any less beautiful! As hard as it is to publicly admit all of this, I want to start an open conversation about it in hopes that it may help some of you realize that no matter what weight you’re at, you are still you, and you are gorgeous!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This year, I want us to practice self-love together! Every day, starting Monday, February 8, and leading up to Valentine’s Day, I will be posting a new challenge/activity that will help you continue to find self-love and gratitude. These are all practices that help me stay body positive. I hope they will help you too! Make sure you subscribe to the blog in the box below so you don’t miss a post! I would also love to see and hear how each day is going for you so don’t be shy! Share your experiences with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Just tag @life_in_spandex on Instagram and Twitter or post on the Life in Spandex Facebook wall to keep in touch :). You can also use the hashtags #lifeinspandex and #loveyourbody in the caption of your photo or status update to make sure I see it.

Tell all of your girlfriends who need a little boost about it too! And, don’t forget to PIN this image to Pinterest or share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to let everyone know you’re ready to love yourself! 🙂

7 Days to Love the Skin You're In

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  3. Love this!!! Subscribed!

    1. Aw thank you so much Marie!

  4. You make me believe in me again. You remind me that everyone, even someone as beautiful and health conscious as you are, have demons too! Thank you for sharing and encouraging me to keep moving forward!

    1. Janis, you’ve made my day! You are doing great and I always look forward to our weekly sessions! Keep it up, woman! Your persistence and vivacious energy make you an absolute joy to be around 🙂 xoxo

  5. Very inspiring and motivating 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw thank you Victoria!! You’re so welcome 😀

  6. This is so great, and so real! I am guilty of a lot of those behaviors too, and am trying to take a more balanced approach to health and fitness too;). Thank you for the encouragement!

  7. It is very important to accept what and who you are. This will automatically turn you into a beautiful and attractive person. Nice Blog.

    1. I completely agree Rozanna! I hope you will join in on the challenge 🙂 Would love to hear your perspective.

  8. On point, its so darn important to love yourself. Looking forward to your challenge, sounds like so much fun.
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

    1. Thank you Kusum! So excited to have you on board. I can’t wait to see you check ins! 🙂

  9. This year is all about me I am all about self love and living me !!

  10. It’s so important to love yourself! It’s not always easy but if there is a change you can make in your life to better how you feel physically and emotionally you should. Pinning

    1. Thanks Dia!!! So glad you getting me 🙂

  11. You look gorgeous and this looks like such a worthwhile challenge.

    1. Thank you so much Carol! Hope you join in 🙂

    1. Yay! So excited to experience this with you Leslie 🙂

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