5 Facts That Will Make You Want to Exercise

Aesthetic goals are fun. It’s encouraging to see our bodies change when we’re working so hard to build muscle and lose body fat. However, sometimes these goals come a lot slower than we like. This can be very discouraging, especially if you set out on your fitness journey with the idea of making visible changes. Giirrllll, this is no reason to give up! We NEED to exercise for our general health. Put flat abs and a perky booty in the back of your mind. Let’s discuss the physical changes from exercise you can’t see and the damaging effects that can happen if you don’t get your body moving.

1. Improve posture and reduce pain.

Your mom was onto something when she told you to sit up straight. You may not see or feel it now, but the way we bend our bodies can stick! And who wants a hunch back later in life?! You best believe I’m planning on being the most upright 80 year old woman you’ve ever seen. Nothing ruins a cute outfit like poor posture. It can also result in neck and back pain, limited joint range of motion, increased chance of injury, poor circulation, and can even increase your risk for depression. This is why strengthening your core, back, and hips is so important.  These three major muscle groups support your posture. If they’re weak, you’ll slouch.

2. Improve productivity, mood, and energy-levels.

You’re always going to have days where you just don’t feel motivated. We’re human, duh! But, those “bad” days could feel better and become less often if you strength train. Oh yeah, I went there. Resistance training not only reduces feelings of tension, anxiety, and depression, it boosts your productivity, mood, and energy levels! Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues which helps blood circulate through your body more efficiently. This results in higher energy levels and a boat-load of #bossbabe confidence. Who  knew you could be anymore productive?!

3. Reduce risk of chronic diseases.

When we’re young, and if you’re lucky, suffering from chronic disease is the last thing on your mind. However, it’s the habits we make now that will affect the way we feel later. I always say, “We don’t stop working out because we age, we age because we stop working out.” Staying active greatly reduces your risk of hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol. It also relieves symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Did I mention how it could potentially prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease too? If that doesn’t make you want to pick up a set of dumbbells, I don’t know what will!

4. Increase bone density.

I was told by a young age to make sure I’m getting in enough Calcium to prevent osteoporosis. However, taking a supplement may not be enough or the most effective way to prevent bone loss! Studies show that weight baring exercise, like strength training, can greatly improve bone size and density, preventing age-related bone loss. Did you know that after menopause, women lose 1-2% of their bone density per year?! Scary right? Whether you’re 18 or 55, pick up those weights ladies!

5. Improve confidence and body image

If you’ve ever lifted weights, hit a new PR, experienced a runner’s high, or got through a really hard workout, you know what I’m talking about when I say that exercise makes you feel like a total #bossbabe! Reaching a fitness goal (this even includes getting to the gym!) can help improve your self-efficacy.  Self-efficacy is your confidence in your ability to succeed. The more you exercise, the better it gets, and this translates into the rest of your life. Complete a really hard HIIT routine before work and making that deadline may seem less stressful. Let loose in a ZUMBA class and taking care of your screaming baby may feel less burdening. Try a new weight training routine and resolving an argument with your significant other may feel less intimidating.

Staying Healthy Through Heartbreak

Strength training, specifically, can also help your body image. Feeling strong (and yes, noticing new muscles in the mirror) can do wonders on how you feel about yourself. These little wins can help change your view of exercise from a punishment to a reward. And that’s what will keep you going!

What keeps you motivated to exercise? Tell me in the comments below!

Health and happiness,


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Hi and welcome to Life in Spandex! I'm Emily, a personal trainer who believes there should be no secrets standing in your way to getting fit. I am sharing my knowledge here on this blog in order to help you reach your goals. Fitness should be fun, eating healthy should taste good, and feeling your absolute best is the ultimate goal. Let's get fit together!
  1. Love all of the points you brought up! I know when things go south fast, I can’t wait to get the kids in bed and get my exercise on!

    1. Haha I love that!!! It’s such a good stress relief.

  2. All seem like good reasons too me! I cant think of a reason not too!

    1. Right?! No one ever regretted a workout is how the saying goes.

  3. Time on my own away from the kids keeps me motivated to exercise! #twinklytuesday

    1. My workout is my “me time” too. It clears my head and helps me tackle the next thing on my list 🙂

  4. This is a great post. I don’t work out nearly as much as I need to. This post is really inspirational though and definitely gave me the push I need to work out more ? #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Yay so happy to hear that I could help inspire you! 🙂 Make sure to check out all the quick, efficient, do-anywhere workouts on the blog if you need more workout ideas. xoxo

  5. Exercise really can transform your life. I love the facts you have highlighted here. There are so many wonderful benefits to exercise beyond just changing your body shape. Thank you for sharing this post with us at Hearth and Soul, Emily. Sharing it on!

    1. Thank you, April!! Yes, it’s so important to have goals and motivation beyond your appearance to help you stick to exercise.

  6. Very inspirational! I was never much of a working out person, but I really want to get into it now!

    1. That is so awesome to hear! I can’t even explain to you how big my smile is right now 🙂

  7. All great reasons! I am inspired!

  8. All 5 awesome reasons to get your sweat on!! Yes, working out is a privilege! Well said!!

  9. So many great reasons! I love that it helps you now and can help you in your future too! Double win!

    1. Hell yeah! Short term and long term success 🙂

  10. You don’t have to tell me twice! I love exercising, I do need to incorporate more strength though!!

    1. Yay glad you’re a woman after my own heart! Yes strength training changes everything

  11. Mood is a big one for me. If I skip workouts, I get cranky. Running in particular definitely helps give me those endorphins and reduces my anxiety.

    1. I get moody too haha! I love running but I haven’t been able to run for months now ?. I’ve come to love cycling though!

  12. All great reasons indeed! I agree with them all. I would add stay looking younger 🙂

    1. Oooo I like that one!!! And feeling younger too right??

  13. Yes, yes, yes to them all! I always feel so much better in mind and body after I exercise!

    1. It’s almost better than a therapist am I right? I always feel so clear headed after a good sweat 🙂

  14. These are all great reasons to exercise. And I obviously agree with every one of them!

    1. Thank you Rachel! I think people concentrate way too much on using exercise to accomplish aesthetic goals versus health goals

  15. LOVE all of these motivators! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Abbey! You’re very welcome 🙂

  16. Yes!!! So good to see focus on the non-astethic benefits of exercise!

    1. Thanks Stacia!! It’s so important to realize that exercise is vital to our health!

  17. I really love to exercise . Its like getting energy for the whole day

  18. Awesome article, I completely agree with you! I love feeling strong and in shape, it’s great motivation for when I’m feeling lazy

  19. Awesome article, completely agree with you! I love feeling strong and in shape, it’s great motivation for when I’m feeling lazy

    1. It really is one of the best feelings. I feel like I can take on the world after a good workout

  20. I’ve been enjoying using my jump rope along with body weight exercises!

    1. I love jump rope! It gets my heart rate up really well. Why no weights??

  21. I need to do more – I do do distance walking from time to time (30-35kms) but I’ve sort of slacked off since the training for the last one. Signed up to dance classes, just need to get there! #Twinklytuesday

    1. Well anything is better than nothing!! Getting there is definitely the hardest part 🙂

  22. Mostly, I walk or I do zumba. Also tap dance. I’ve found that dance is a good motivator for me to exercise because it’s fun. Walking is transportation, since I don’t have a car!

    1. I used to be a dancer!! Dancing is such a fun workout. I love Zumba too. Really important to strength train to get these benefits though!

  23. This is so motivating! I’ve been so into working out lately

    1. Yay I’m happy I could help you going! Let me know if you have any questions about fitness 🙂

  24. Great tips! The benefits of working out keeps me going. Thanks for sharing!??

    1. Thank you Marshalee! Me too 🙂

  25. Makes me want to go work out! I need to get better about making space in my life for it 🙂

    1. I always treat my workouts like a meeting. I schedule it and give myself no excuses 😉

  26. Great list of important benefits. That’s why I’m always making sure I do something. 😀

    1. Thanks, Kat. I always know I’ll feel better after I workout so that helps me too

  27. Yes! So many benefits to staying active and exercising, thanks for the reminders 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome :). Not to mention, it makes me feel sooo good when it’s all done hehe

  28. Hi Honey! You are soooo right! Even tho I almost never want to go workout ( yes I admit that, and I’m your mama), I view my workouts as a privilege, and my long term results as a reward. So here’s to working out as a lifetime ambition. Whether yoga, Pilates, piwersculpt or a walk in the ‘hood- just do it!!! Right? Love you. Xoxo

    1. Yes, right!!! Keep it up mommy! You go girl 😉

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